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Company secretary training for accredited corporate governance courses – why qualified and unqualified company secretaries should attend our courses

Company secretary training and corporate governance accredited courses. Our company secretary courses are made for all levels of company secretaries or governance professionals advising boards or committees.  We understand that there are company secretaries that have been doing this for years and people that want to get into being a corporate secretary.  If you are already a board or company secretary, then our courses will help you be better at what you do.  We offer things that will help you with your job and even with life as our courses focus on practical tips and tricks to have a greater impact.

A great company secretary knows what to say and not say and when to speak or remain silent. Our company secretary training courses are filled with case studies, role play scenarios and group exercises to make learning fun. After leaving one of our training courses company secretaries and governance professionals will be able to immediately apply the learn within their organisation.

Organisation skills are something that we all can improve on and being well organised is certainly different than it was before. With more documents, systems and databases we have to quickly be able to find correct information and provided it quickly.   A person that has never worked as a company secretary, as well as a person that has been a company secretary for years, will leave our courses with a better appreciation of the vital role they play in their organisation. Company secretaries are the governance champions of their organisation. They hold the technical knowledge, skills and information to ensure that directors and senior executives operate within the set governance framework and regulatory requirements.

Become a better company secretary through accredited courses

When you, your files and documents are organised you can perform your job better.  This allows you to have more free time to focus on strategic things within the organisation.  Being good at finding things is important as a board secretary you are the person that people will look to when there are questions about the governing rules and your organisations’ way of doing things. Senior management, board directors and shareholders all communicate with the company secretary and ask governance and regulatory questions. A good company secretary helps keep directors and senior executives out of jail by providing vital governance advice.

You will need to sit in on meetings and take notes and create legal minutes of these meetings.  These notes need to precise on what was discussed and have accurate facts.  However, there are times that there will be confidential things spoken about.  This sensitive information needs to be kept secure and disseminated appropriately.

Ways on keeping this information secure will be discussed as well.  With the changing technology, there are all kinds of things that have changed over the years.  Many things technology has certainly improved upon.  But, if you have been a secretary for years at the same facility, you may not know about the different techniques out there.  These classes will help improve your job performance.  These are lifelong skills that will help you have a cutting edge, make you more valuable to the company and give you more opportunities in the workforce.

Networking and sharing ideas is important for company secretaries

During workshops, masterclasses, and courses you are given a unique opportunity to not only learn from the instructors but from your peers as well.  Everyone that is in the courses and classes is there for the same reason you are.  They are like-minded and it is a perfect way to network with others and learn from each other.  This is a great time to get away from every day and give back to yourself, growing your skill set and understanding the technology that is out it is important.

This really is a great opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge and become better at what you do.  If you are looking to improve your skills and become a better you, then you really should sign up for a course or masterclass.  There are all kinds of different classes and courses out there.  So try to pick something that is a skill that you are not the best at.  We all know what we are good at and where we lack skills.  Sometimes where we lack skills is because it is not something that keeps our interest.  That is okay, but it is still a task you need to do perform your job.  So, taking a course on it might give you skills that will allow you to do it easier and faster.

Professional training to be the best company secretary possible

Whether you are a professional secretary or looking to become a professional secretary you need to understand the importance of your position in your company.  This is a very important position and one that many will look to from time to time.  You will be the organizer.  And, you will be the one people turn to with questions on policies and procedures of the company.  This means that you will need to be organized, professional and understand the different needs of your organization.

With changing technology so much is done on the computer and information is available to just about anyone.  So, keeping your confidential information should be secure but easy for the proper people to access.  This is something that you can better understand through courses as well.  Courses and classes on how to become better at your job.  Or these classes help with how to do the job in the first place.  This will make you more qualified than other applicants as well.  When you are job hunting you know that the market can get pretty tough competition.  If you have never worked as a corporate secretary, this will give you some good experience and advice to help you start your career. And, if you have worked in the industry for a long time, courses and classes can help improve your skills as a corporate secretary.

What if you are not a company secretary why not join our company secretary masterclasses?

Quite often an executive assistant or the personal assistant to the Chairman or CEO will manage meeting agendas, board and committee meetings and take minutes for those meetings. Attending our training courses will help you be more effective in designing agendas, diary management, managing logistics and develop excellent communication skills.

Improve your company secretarial skills through accredited company secretary training workshops

Secretaries do more than just set up meetings and take notes.  They put together proposals, keep records of the company’s policies and update others on what is going on.

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Looking for a company secretary training?

Feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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