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Company Secretary Courses

Company secretary courses to become a corporate governance expert in order to provide exemplary governance advice to your board of directors. Many people ask why we should send our employees on company secretary courses. The company secretary, board secretary or corporate secretary are all terms used to describe the professional advisor to the board of directors of an organisation.  They are there to keep everything in order and to ensure that the governance framework and policies and procedures of the company are followed.  A company secretary takes minutes and notes at board and committee meetings and prepares and circulates board meeting agendas and packs. But this is just one aspect of a company secretary’s role, but the role entails so much more. The company secretary is now seen as the ‘go to person’ for all governance related queries and they are sometimes called the chief governance officer.

As the first point of contact for independent, non-executive directors and investors or shareholders, the company secretary’s role require diplomacy, discretion and emotional intelligence.  A company secretary usually reports to the chairman of the board of directors but sometimes they will report to the chief executive officer, chief legal counsel or the chief risk officer.

When people hear the job title ‘Company Secretary’ they of a person answering the phone and screening all the mail and phone calls. The person who is an administrative support to senior management to filter what they receive in their inboxes.

No longer seen as an administrative role, the company secretary reviews board proposals, business plans and submissions for the board of directors and provide senior executives with governance advice. Because of this, they should not be neglected but invited to company secretary courses.  This allows them to further sharpen their company secretary skills and be one step ahead when it comes to corporate governance trends and international best governance practice.

These courses speak to them about how to manage and handle the company’s governance matters and practices.  Having a highly skilled company secretary will save the company lots of wasted time and money. However, the skills needed to be obtained and sharpened as our devices and everything that goes with them get smarter.  Technology is forever expanding, and the company secretary needs to be up on the very latest developments. Use technology to ‘work smarter and not harder’, having the right tools enables company secretaries to focus more on strategic matters and governance excellence.

Learn to become an amazing company secretary

We offer entry level and advanced company secretary courses and training workshops.  These courses are there to show qualified and unqualified company secretaries how to be the best in class governance professionals with their organisation. We provide the tools and templates to help company secretaries and governance professionals do their jobs effectively and more efficiently.  Learning how to be more efficient at what they do and understand the local and international governance codes.  When you are thinking about becoming a strong company secretary with a strong background in the understanding of company governance, then you need to continue your education through accredited professional development.  There are techniques and strategies that are used by trained professionals that help their company boards stay on task and get what needs to get done, to the highest standards.

These courses assist in all kinds of things such as conflict within the board and how to resolve it.  Being a board secretary is a big deal and our courses empower and enable you to negotiate delicate situations and manage difficult personalities.  You are there to help aid and guide the board along to ensure tasks are completed and things are moving forward according to the board charter, terms of reference and delegation of authority.  When you are giving the opportunity to help solve a conflict you need proper tools and skills to assist you in doing so properly.  These skills are taught during our company secretary courses.

Improve your company secretarial skills

Company secretaries have evolved and will continue to evolve.  However, they hold important roles within the sectors of the company and need to have the tools and skills that it takes to work effectively.

There are various roles of a corporate secretary other than just being present at the meetings.  They need to take notes, update files, communicate what was done and said in the meeting to others that need the information.  They are the communication line for the board to the rest of the company.  This means that they need good communication skills and an understanding of the organisation’s bylaws.

They are to update the documents and records as the company evolves.  The duties of a secretary are usually set up within the company’s bylaws.  However, these duties can change as the board sees fit.  Quite often they are to offer communication, do the scheduling of the meetings, notice and have the materials ready and printed or uploaded to a board portal.  They typically offer meeting minutes and maintain corporate records.  All of this is always evolving and changing which is why it is so important to look at our range of company secretary courses.

A Company Secretary needs to take effective meeting minutes

During company secretary courses many various things will be discussed.  One thing that will be taught is how to take effective meeting minutes, it’s an art to concisely capture long meetings into board minutes.  This may seem to be a trivial part of a secretary’s job, but, in fact, it is one of the more important parts of it.  During the meetings, many things are discussed.  Things such as financials of the company could be one of them.  These minutes hold up in court, should there ever need to have a court case.  It is important that everything that was discussed is tracked in some way and meeting minutes is just how that is done.  The company secretary will need to understand how to record these minutes properly as well as how to deal with sensitive and confidential information that is discussed.  They need to be equipped to handle and understand the discussion as well.

There are some things that company secretaries need to learn to avoid such as recording minutes as if they are transcripts.  Also, how to properly store the minutes and what to circulate to the concerned parties or the regulator. The minutes should be stored in a safe fashion with a backup in case something goes wrong.  Board and shareholder minutes are very sensitive legal documents that need to be secured as access should be only allowed to authorised people. There are various ways to get this security and a good company secretary will know these ways.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][fc id=’1′][/fc][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Become a better company secretary

To be effective at their job, corporate secretaries need to keep up with evolving ways and technology.  The company secretaries of today is expected to be the ‘fountain of all knowledge’ and are responsible for many strategic tasks.  As the landscape changes so does the various tasks and tools company secretaries need to do their job appropriately.  They will not learn these tools and skills by simply doing what they have always done as old ways don’t open new doors. Which is why there is a need for accredited company secretary courses in Dubai, Malaysia and in other international locations.  Being part of our training courses and facilitated workshops allows delegates to learn the latest techniques and tricks to make them just that much better.

Being organised is another part of the company secretary’s position.  Many people will lean on the board secretary for all kinds of different reasons.  That’s why it is important that they have the skills to be able to be organised and find documents and information quickly.  A corporate secretary needs to know what information is important to keep stored and locked away and what information can be given out as well. This may seem obvious to some, however, our tailored company secretary courses will fine-tune these skills.

Keep up with the latest technology and tools

Get your company secretary up to par with the latest advancement in technology during our world-class company secretary courses.  And, if you long to be a company secretary these courses are perfect for you too.  They will go over what is needed in the modern-day company secretarial or governance professional position and what is expected.  This will help the beginner as well as the more advanced. The goal is to have everyone understand the latest techniques and tricks that are out there. It is used to improve and fine-tune the skills needed to be a better company secretary. A skilled board secretary is a subject matter expert and they ensure the board and its committees perform optimally.

Our company secretary courses are designed to help advance the knowledge of how to do the secretarial and governance job better.  How to understand the rules of your company and keep the proper records are also important things to understand and learn.  Company secretary courses are designed to help improve on the current skills with a better understanding of why you are doing things the way you are as well.  Sometimes we are told to do something a certain way and we just do it.  But, never really understand the why behind it.  This is important as it will further open your world up to understanding other aspects of the job as well.

To be a better secretary or have a chance of getting that board secretary’s job, we completely recommend our company secretary courses.

Alternatively, if you are more comfortable speaking to someone, please feel free to call us.

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